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Welcome To Sarajevo

Welcome to Sarajevo, one of the most popular cities in the Balkans and a destination drenched with a dynamic history. Sarajevo is a place where every building tells a story be it serene or of strife. It is a place where the old world meets the new world; where The East meets The West, again, welcome to Sarajevo...

Sarajevo Tourism

Sarajevo was founded by the Ottomans in 1461. It was within the city of Sarajevo that Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, this sparked World War 1. Then in 1984 Sarajevo played host to the Winter Olympics. Ever since the Olympic games Sarajevo has been a popular tourist attraction. Indeed, Sarajevo tourism was popular far before the Olympics. Obviously not during war times but tourism always seemed welcome to Sarajevo as an Inn was one of the first structures ever built in the city. Now, there are countless Sarajevo hotels and cheap flights to Sarajevo and the city is buzzing with Sarajevo tourism and Sarajevo Culture. Why not book your Sarajevo flights in time for the Sarajevo film festival?

Siege of Sarajevo

The Siege of Sarajevo lasted from 1992-1995. As soon as the war ended Sarajevo airport opened again for commercial Sarajevo flights and Sarajevo tourism resumed. The reconstruction of the city after the Siege of Sarajevo saw an introduction of fabulous, state of the art, modern office buildings and skyscrapers, which were all very welcome to Sarajevo. By 2003 most of the city of Sarajevo had been built. Since there is stability in the city, Sarajevo tourism is constantly growing and is a major industry in Sarajevo and there are cheap flights to Sarajevo from all over the world now. There are a lot of Sarajevo hotels to choose from but one that stands out in style and stature is a hotel that has authentic Sarajevo history within its walls: Hotel Central Sarajevo. There are different types of Sarajevo tourism such as nature, war and historic to name a few. War tourism is centred on the famous spots of the siege of Sarajevo and the war years.

About Sarajevo

Central Sarajevo is an ideal location for your Sarajevo hotel to get about Sarajevo without too much hassle. When travelling about Sarajevo city you will feel totally at ease as there is a real, 'welcome to Sarajevo' atmosphere throughout the city. With your Sarajevo map in hand (provided by the best Sarajevo hotels) you can indulge in Sarajevo culture. Sarajevo is home to numerous cultural institutions like the 'Bosniak institute', which holds various exhibitions on Sarajevo culture and Sarajevo history. The national theatre of Bosnia was the first great theatre built and is very welcome to Sarajevo as prior to that plays were held in parks and wealthy family's homes. The National Museum is another must see which is situated in central Sarajevo. The second tallest waterfall in Europe is located just 12 kilometers north of Sarajevo and is so beautiful that it is worth the short trip. The waterfall is 98 meters tall and it might be of interest to all you nature lovers because the vegetation surrounding the waterfall is of special interest, as it contains a variety of different species. Once you have encountered the resounding welcome to Sarajevo from the locals you will be sure to return to the city. Not unlike the legend of the Trevi Fountain in Rome: 'if you drink some water from the fountain in the heart of Bascarsija, you can be sure you will return to Sarajevo'.

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