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Sarajevo Travel

Sarajevo is a fantastic location for a city break but before checking-out the best Sarajevo hotels or indeed checking-in, read on to discover these Sarajevo travel tips. Once you have booked your Sarajevo flights and there are cheap flights to Sarajevo; you will want to know the best and most affordable way of getting about Sarajevo.

Sarajevo Hotels

When you are looking for your Sarajevo accommodation there is no need to compromise on luxury and still avail of cheap Sarajevo hotels. Sarajevo flights fly regularly to Sarajevo airport, which is a stone's throw from central Sarajevo. Your first Sarajevo travel tip: since you have got cheap flights to Sarajevo, why pay extortionate prices on Sarajevo hotels when visiting Sarajevo can be done on a budget- Hotel Central Sarajevo comes tried, tested and highly recommended. Sarajevo travel and Sarajevo tourism information will be provided in the best Sarajevo hotels. Once in Sarajevo get yourself a good Sarajevo map; you will find one in all good Sarajevo hotels.

Sarajevo Flights

There are plenty of airlines that fly to Sarajevo airport and to insure that your Sarajevo flights are the most affordable shop around and search for, 'cheap flights to Sarajevo.' The Sarajevo Airport is found southwest of the city- no more than a few Kilometers. During war times in Sarajevo the airport was used for humanitarian relief by the United Nations but since the Treaty of Dayton 1995, which put an end to the war, Sarajevo airport has welcomed commercial flight business. Visiting Sarajevo can be done without spending a fortune and without cutting the frills. In fact Sarajevo is probably one of the only destinations that you could mention, 'cheap flights to Sarajevo' in a sentence that is not followed by, Ryanair the no frills airline.

Sarajevo Travel

Your second Sarajevo travel tip: do not rent a car. For its population, Sarajevo is a very small city. For this reason and because of a lack of parking structures in Sarajevo it is very hard to find places for parking. This is an even bigger problem in the summer when Sarajevo tourism is at its peak. However, you can nearly walk everywhere in Sarajevo thanks to its old world city planning. Sarajevo transport has a long tradition in Sarajevo. Did you know that Tramways were first introduced to Europe in Sarajevo in the late 19th century? They were introduced by Austro-Hungarian officials. Take the train to visit other destinations from Sarajevo. Trains go to Budapest, Belgrade and Dubrovnik to name a few destinations. Sarajevo has been a very important centre of the railroad industry in south eastern Europe. The main methods of Sarajevo travel through the city itself are by tramways, trolleys and buses. The two main streets in Sarajevo are, 'Titova' (Tito's street) and Dragon of Bosnia street (Zmaj od Bosne). The majority of the traffic in Sarajevo is directed to the west because that is where most important cities in Bosnia are located.

Now, for your third Sarajevo travel tip: do not take a taxi to get about Sarajevo. Taking the word of a native of Sarajevo, this should cost roughly 10 to go practically anywhere in central Sarajevo, excluding the suburbs of course. This sounds cheap but perhaps it is only that cheap if you speak the native tongue! You will probably find that taxi fares about Sarajevo and from Sarajevo Airport to the centre are expensive. Bicycling is done; it's just not very common. For a novel way of getting about Sarajevo, get on your bike!

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