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Sarajevo Film Festival

The Sarajevo Film Festival has become the primary film festival in the Balkans. This is no doubt because of its size and the great success and popularity of cinema in Bosnia. The Sarajevo Film Festival has grown in significance over the years and sometimes attracts foreign celebrities. 'Welcome to Sarajevo' is a British war film made in 1997. Other festivals include the fantastic,Sarajevo winter Festival and the Sarajevo Jazz festival- all of which are a great tribute to Sarajevo culture.

Sarajevo film

Sarajevo film festival started in 1995 and has gained considerable importance for Sarajevo film over the years. The 16th edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival is due to take place in July, 2010. Book your Sarajevo flights for the festival in advance to avail of the cheap flights to Sarajevo. After the siege of Sarajevo, the Sarajevo Film Festival was founded in an attempt to recreate civil society. The Sarajevo Film Festival is the main meeting place for all regional producers and authors. The Sarajevo Film Festival is recognized by Sarajevo film professionals and professionals alike from all over the world as a real hub for networking. They receive hundreds of applications every year and only eighty of the most talented attend a six-day training camp in Sarajevo led by some of the most important film professionals in the world.The Sarajevo Film Festival has a wide programme selection of both competitive and non-competitive films. The Sarajevo film festival categories for competition are Features, Shorts and Documentaries. The Sarajevo Talent Campus is a new and exciting educational and creative podium for aspiring film makers and is the most esteemed film training event in the region

Central Sarajevo

No matter where you are travelling from in the world you can get Sarajevo flights that land in Sarajevo airport only 10 kilometres from central Sarajevo. While the Sarajevo Film Festival is on, there is a shuttle service to central Sarajevo and some Sarajevo hotels for official guests. For others, take a taxi- it shouldn't be more than 10 to central Sarajevo. Hopefully you will get some good weather in Sarajevo for the festival. The Sarajevo Film Festival Centre is held at the Old Officer's Club. It is an area that allows for a creative and relaxed working atmosphere. All the professional services for the Sarajevo Film Festival as well as press offices are situated at the Festival Centre.

Sarajevo culture

The Sarajevo Film Festival draws one hundred thousand people each year to central Sarajevo, which is great for Sarajevo tourism and Sarajevo culture. The majority of Sarajevo Film Festival goers are from Bosnia but there are a lot of international film professionals who take interest in the Sarajevo Film Festival. The Sarajevo winter festival and the Sarajevo jazz festival contribute a great deal to Sarajevo culture. You might have caught your Sarajevo flights purely to attend the Sarajevo Film Festival but while you are in Sarajevo you have nothing to lose by becoming enriched in Sarajevo culture.

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